New Logos Desktop
over 1 year ago

Logos 10.0

Here’s an overview of the new features in Logos 10. Not all features are available on every platform, but we’ve worked hard to deliver a consistent experience regardless of the platform you’re on, making it easier for you to continue your study no matter where you are and which device you have with you. Some features will be free for all users and some will be available in paid packages. Check out the feature comparison chart for a full breakdown. 
  • Advanced Timeline: A refreshed Timeline makes it simpler for you to focus on the events that matter most and see them in historical context.
  • Auto Translation: Instant translation opens a whole new world of resources.
  • Church History Themes: A combination of a new dataset and base package resources will help you to understand theology in its historical context. 
  • Factbook Tags: Artificial intelligence adds millions of tags to the books you already own. 
  • Favorites: A refreshed favorites tool makes it even easier to add and find the passages that are important to you.
  • Improved Speed: Native support for Apple Silicon gives a good performance increase across the board for everyone with an M1 processor. .NET 6 support gives everyone using Windows a good performance increase across the board.
  • Modern UI: A simpler, more customizable interface makes Logos more accessible to you, gives you more space, and makes common tasks more accessible.
  • Print Library Catalog: Bring the power of Logos to your print Library.
  • Questions and Answers: A new Questions and Answers dataset helps you locate answers to common - and not-so-common - questions about the Bible.
  • Popular Quotes: When writing sermons in Sermon Builder, you will be able to search for helpful quotations that can be inserted into the sermon.
  • Sermon Import: You can import existing sermons into Logos to then take advantage of Preaching Mode, automatic slide creation, and Sermon Manager planning and wider integration into Logos.
  • Simpler Search: A simpler search syntax and clearer UI makes searching quicker and more intuitive, opening up the power of Logos Search to everyone.
  • Logos logo button is now the "Go" box